Your Brain is Extremely Powerful

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, M.D. was a cosmetic surgeon in the early 20th century who performed plastic surgery on patients.  He noticed they would have similar physical changes from the surgeries but vastly different experiences psychologically.  Some people would transform into confident people that fulfilled much more of their potential.  While others with the same physical change remained scared and seemingly powerless to change their lot in life.

These differences started Dr. Maltz on the journey to understand why some people were able to change.  He wondered what caused that change.  He wondered if people could consciously create this change without plastic surgery.

What he discovered is that our brains are extremely powerful.  He likens our brains to heat-seeking missiles that once focused on a target will zigzag toward its goal.

In his book, Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Maltz explains techniques to achieve your goals.  If you have not read this book, please order it today and start reading immediately.  Implement his techniques.  If you are too lazy, at the very least, heed his advice of setting a goal and take any action toward it.  His theory is that any action will inform you whether or not you are getting closer or farther away from your goal.  Then your brain will notice this and will adjust accordingly.

It’s like when you first learn to drive a car.  You over-correct and over-steer as you make turns to get to your destination.  With practice, you get better and better and closer and closer to your goal.  The same as the heat-seeking missile which continually makes small changes in course as it zigzags to its target.  Your brain has a similar mechanism that will notice if you are getting closer or farther from your goal.  Your job is to take as much action toward that goal as possible.

Whether you are in business, marketing, or filmmaking we all have lofty goals.  Get this book and implement the techniques to get you and your team there faster.

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