Jeff Orig


Office Admin/Marketing Lead

Helps with communication between client and Orig Media team. Works to help develop various marketing materials as well as marketing plans.


Films and edits all videos for corporate and nonprofit clients. In charge of our YouTube channel Orig Explores (over 31,000 subscribers) and the content that is shared on specific dates and times.

Jake kanan

Films and edits all videos for corporate and nonprofit clients. Works to ensure all shoots have the appropriate gear and equipment and run smoothly.

About Our Team

Our mission is to create film, TV, videos, and photos that millions of people love and enjoy.  And that includes your projects!

The vision for our company is to foster an environment conducive to learning, teaching, growing, and creating excellent work where we push ourselves on every project.  Our goal is to create a film and photography school that feeds into our production services division.  Then members in the production services division will move forward into our original programming division.  We envision our company always creating wedding films even when we are winning an Academy Award.  You might be asking why?  We believe that what we do is a craft.  You certainly bring talent, creativity, skill, and hard work to that craft, but it is a craft nonetheless.  With any craft, practice makes perfect.  We see the benefit of working on projects large and small.  One thing we learn on a commercial shoot helps us in our weddings and in turn applies to our feature film.

Ask us how we can help you today.  We are worth the investment.

We love to collaborate with awesome filmmakers, actors, writers, musicians, artists, etc. If we can help you out, let us know.  We are currently open to helping almost anyone on almost any budget. Our goal is to make awesome film and television that people love to watch.  Plus we want to make a great living doing it.  If you want to join us on this adventure, send us a message. We have a ton of experience and can get the job done quickly and on budget.

About Jeff Orig

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Our focus is making great Film, TV, and Video.  We love what we do and we want to share that with you.  We want to make you look great too.

We are currently producing a TV show on Oceanic Time Warner (Statewide Hawaii).  You can learn about them here:

or check out for the Station’s website and episodes of the shows.

Orig Media was a proud partner of the ARTS at Marks Garage in the Arts District of Honolulu’s Chinatown.  We have since outgrown that awesome space and now have our own studio nearby.

Jeff Orig started making movies as a little kid in his backyard with his cousins.  Then in college, when confronted with the daunting choice of Majors, he picked the one thing that stuck out in his mind:  Film.  Jeff attended Columbia College in Chicago and earned a Film degree, produced a Feature Film, and directed some corporate videos, commercials, and music videos in Chicago.

He was offered a job producing special effects for music videos for his good friend in Santa Monica, but Jeff decided that California was not right for him.  So he picked up and moved to Hawaii and hasn’t looked back since.  It’s Paradise for Pete’s sake.

Jeff has a broad range of experience including teaching, real estate sales, and condo development.  These things seem like they are way out in left field.  And they are.  But we believe that you use everything that you know.  So how does teaching, real estate sales, and condo development help you?  First with teaching anything comes a great deal of responsibility.  Plus, you have to be able to communicate to students new information so that they understand it.  This translates to films and videos that convey a very clear message to the viewers.  Real estate sales helps you because we understand the sales process.  And we can translate the sales process to your messages on film and video.  And condo development is about coordinating lots of people over a long period of time to accomplish something huge.  If you have produced any type of film or video project, you know how large a task it can be.

Jeff has studied under some of the greats:

Mary Lou Belli – Two time Emmy award-winning MARY LOU BELLI has been directing television for over 30 years including NCIS New Orleans, Black Lightning, Bull, Legacies, Station 19, Pitch, Monk, Famous In Love, Devious Maids, The Quad, American Woman, and Hart of Dixie as well as Wizards of Waverly Place, Sister, Sister, Girlfriends, and The Game.
Frank South – Executive Producer of Baywatch Hawaii, Models Inc., Melrose Place, and awesome writer extraordinaire of plays and TV shows too long to list.
Margaret South – Producer of Beaches, For the Boys, and Man of the House, plus an awesome story structure genius.
Ellen Sandler – Co-Executive Producer and writer of Everybody Loves Raymond, Coach, and many more.  She is a comic genius and a wonderful teacher.
Maria Jacquemetton – Producer and Writer of Madmen, Star Trek: Enterprise, Baywatch, and many more.  She is a great story teller and awesome teacher.
The great staff and mentors at Columbia College in Chicago.
Jeff feels so lucky to learn from the best and to keep learning more.  The above descriptions do no justice to the time, care, and knowledge shared by his teachers and mentors but know that Jeff sends love and aloha to them all for sharing their gifts.