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Have you ever set a goal but did not achieve it?  Have you wanted to do something but could not muster the courage or motivation to do it?  This website might be up your alley and it’s free.  Well sort of.  

Check out

It is a way to keep yourself accountable and achieve whatever goal you set.  According to their website, this website was developed by Yale University economists who tested the effectiveness of Commitment Contracts through extensive field research. 

Years of economic and behavioral research show that people who put stakes – either their money or their reputation – on the table are far more likely to actually achieve a goal they set for themselves.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select/set your goal with a deadline
  2. Set the stakes (ideally a meaningful amount of money)
    1. Research shows that if you put up your own money as the stakes, you will be more motivated to not lose that money.  Further research shows that if you “lose” that money to something that you hate, it will motivate you even more.
    2. has set up various polarizing charities like:  Pro-Life and Pro-Choice; NRA and Gun Control; Republican or Democrat; and so on.
    3. Pick the one you hate.
    4. Set an amount you would hate to donate to that group.
  3. Get a referee
    1. Having an impartial judge that will review your reports and evidence also improves success rates dramatically.
  4. Add friends for support
    1. Having a cheering section and public commitment to your goals also increases your success rate

I have used this service and was able to complete a draft of one of my screenplays.  I highly recommend this service.  If you are thinking about it, go for it.


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