The Story of My Grandma’s Wedding

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My Grandma Lourdes was an interesting lady.  She was kind and gentle.  She was extremely elegant.  Every day she would put on makeup and dress nicely.  She would write lots of letters to her friends and family that lived in different places in the world.  When she wrote those letters, she would mail them in air mail envelopes with the red, white, and blue edges.  She would spoil us grandkids with love and affection.  She would make us whatever favorite dishes we wanted to eat.  Airmail Envelope from Wikimedia Commons

She grew up in a very different time.  I wonder about the time she grew up.  How did she meet my Grandfather?  Where would they go on dates?  Did they have to have a chaperone?  How did they fall in love?  What was their wedding like?  Was it a small wedding?  Did they have the same traditions we have today?  Were they madly in love?  Did they look at each other with puppy dog eyes?  What was the Church like?  Did someone give a speech at their reception?

All of these answers are lost with time.  We have no record of what happened.  It makes me think of our wedding clients today.  They will have a gift to give their grandkids.  They can show their grandkids what Grandma was like when she was young and in love.  They can get a glimpse into the world that she lived in.  They can get a chance to connect to her on another level.

If you are considering getting a wedding video, please do it.  If not for you, then for your future grandkids.  They will love it.

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