The Single Most Important Factor for Success

I have read, listened to, or watched over 300 books/programs on success, self-improvement, business, wealth, and marketing. There are also some crossover books that relate to both business and art.

There is one theme that runs among most of them or at least touched upon by them all.  I call this the single most important factor for success. It is something that I am still learning to become better at.

The single most important factor for success is having an attitude of gratitude.

Maybe you already knew this or you are like me and are still learning this.  I won’t go into the many theories that relate to the Physical, Mental, Psychological, Metaphysical, Spiritual, or Biochemical reasons why this is the key to success.  Regardless of what your belief system there is some theory that will back up this idea with your belief system.  Perhaps we can stop asking why or how this works and just trust that it does and practice it.

Try writing up a long list of every single thing that you are grateful for.  Your health, you don’t live in a country being destroyed by war, you have a warm bed to sleep in, you have a car to drive, getting your next meal is not a problem, you have someone that is kind to you, and so on.


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