Powerful System to Stop Procrastinating and Accomplish Your Goals

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Sometimes we are guilty of procrastinating.  We want to accomplish something but put it off for one reason or another.  I have tried lots of different systems:  making lists; putting things in a calendar; writing to-do’s on my hand; leaving myself notes; etc.  I read and applied a couple of books including “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.  None of it really worked.

I have been a fan of Tony Robbins for many years and several years ago I tried his audio program, The Time of Your Life.  This program changed my life.  It was a major contributing factor for getting our TV show, Upisde-Down Pilates, off the ground, shot, edited, and on the air.

At the core of the system, Tony explains his system called RPM.  RPM stands for Results, Purpose, and Massive action plan.  Here is a video of him explaining this element of this 10 day system:


The full 10 day audio course takes you through an incredible system.  I highly recommend that you get the program right now and use it right away.  It is a great investment in yourself.  It changed my life and I think it will change yours if you apply it.  By the way, I did buy the planner but I don’t use it anymore.  I currently just use my Google Docs and Google Calendar and apply these principles.

Click here to get The Time of Your Life (there is a free trial, it’s less than $1/day)  Totally worth it.

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