2 Shortcuts to Double Your Web Traffic and Double Your Conversions

Here are two awesome resources to double your web traffic and double your conversions.




This is from Neil Patel‘s www.QuickSprout.com

I have been following along and it is a quick 5 minute read every day.  Implementation time for each item will vary according to how much you already have set up on your website.  I plan on doing the 30 day program more than once.  I try to implement as much as I can each day.  Sometimes it takes me 10-15 minutes to implement and other times it might be an hour or so.

At the time of this writing, I am on Day 24.  One of the lessons you will learn is to schedule your blog posts in the future using this wordpress plugin:  http://stresslimitdesign.com/editorial-calendar-plugin

This helps tremendously to see how our content is scheduled.  I am in a routine of writing several projects every day.  It’s great to keep track of the topics covered.

As a short cut to get to each day quickly, rather than scrolling all the way down, you can use this example link:




Just change the “03” at the end to the day you are on.  For example, change it 08 and it will bring you to day 8.  If you don’t understand, don’t worry, just click on it and scroll to the correct page.

I hope this helps.

P.S.  If you get a chance, read Neil’s personal story here:  http://www.quicksprout.com/about/ It’s his story of a middle class immigrant working very hard to be successful.

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