Time Saving Tool

Scheduling meetings can be a time consuming task for everyone involved.  There is the back and forth via email or finding time to talk to set up the meeting.  Even with an assistant it takes coordination that sometimes leads to errors.

I have tried TimeTrade but it lacked the ability to send reminder emails before and after the meeting.

I found ScheduleOnce and it is great.  It synchs up with my Google Calendar and I just send people a link to my schedule at http://meetme.so/origmedia

There users can pick several times that are mutually available.  I receive an email to confirm the day and time that works for us.  Also, it sends a reminder email to both parties that the meeting is coming up.  This has helped with meeting show ups.  I currently use the $5/mo. plan.  I am very happy with it.  Check it out at http://www.scheduleonce.com/

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