Marketing Tips for Instagram and Beyond

Instagram posted some nice Marketing Tips on how to use Instagram to promote your brand.  I think these ideas extend beyond Instagram and can be applied to all channels.


  1. Be true to your brand: Ensure that your imagery expresses a clearly defined personality and voice.
  2. Share experiences: Offer a view into the world or lifestyle that your brand makes possible through the eyes of the people who use your products and services.
  3. Find beauty everywhere: Show how your company sees the world and make it meaningful to people.
  4. Inspire action: Start a movement around your brand, whether that means inspiring people to capture photos while running like the #runfree campaign from @nikerunning, or to celebrate a delicious yogurt concoction, as @chobani has done with their #creationaday hashtag.
  5. Know your audience: Learn what people love about your brand, and explore how can you capture the imagination of new customers.

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