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This week, we learn about Creative Commons.  I am interested in sharing some of the work I create and I am finding different resources for Creative Commons.  This is an awesome video that gives an overview on Creative Commons:

This page helps you choose a license and create the HTML to properly attribute your work:

Screen Shot of
Screen Shot of

Why am I considering Creative Commons for some of our work?

  1. It might be a way to get more people interested in our work.
  2. I am interested in collaborating with more people.
  3. I write a lot of short films as an exercise to become a better writer and filmmaker.  It seems like a waste to let these scripts sit on my hard drive and not share them somehow.
  4. I might learn from how other filmmakers would spin our work.

My main concern is how does the money work if there is any?

If you have any other resources, let me know in the comments.  Thanks!

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