Do You Know Your Clients?

Building relationships is at the foundation of most great businesses.  You can have a large or small business.  You can be the salesperson, cashier, vice-president of marketing, work at a government job, or the CEO of a biggest corporation in the world.  Building relationships is key.

To help understand your market, look at your current clients.

  1. Make a spreadsheet and list as much information about as many clients as you can.  What products or services did they buy,  married, male, female, single, married, divorced, income, age, time of year they purchased, time of day, what sales process got them to buy, etc.
  2. Add as much information as you can:  what is their personality type, favorite form of communication, what social networks are they active on, etc.  Everything you can think of.
  3. Look for patterns.
  4. Find ways to add value to your clients.
  5. Find ways to find similar clients.

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