Audition Casting Call – America’s Got Something TV Show

Orig Media is looking for performers of all talents to audition and be featured on their upcoming “mockumentary” feature film/web series, AMERICA’S GOT SOMETHING (working title).

A mockumentary (a portmanteau of the words mock and documentary) is a type of film or television show in which fictional events are presented in documentary style to create a parody.  These productions are often used to analyze or comment on current events and issues by using a fictional setting, or to parody the documentary form itself.  They may be either comedic or dramatic in form, although comedic mockumentaries are more common. A dramatic mockumentary (sometimes referred to as docufiction) should not be confused with docudrama, a fictional genre in which dramatic techniques are combined with documentary elements to depict real events. (src.Wikipedia)

AMERICA’S GOT SOMETHING is a film that parodies American Idol and America’s Got Talent in which we follow individuals on their journey to America’s spotlight to adore and judge, from audition to showtime.

We are looking for characters quirky and memorable.  You do not have to be talented as long as you have an interesting character with a backstory.

This film is looking for:

  • Actors

  • Dancers

  • Improvisers

  • Singers

  • Performing Artists of all ranges

  • If you really have talent that will be great too!

Auditions are on going.

Either email your audition video or contact Orig Media at with the subject “America’s Got Something – Audition” to schedule your audition.

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