How to Write on Script with Partners – Just the Tool Part

I just started a fun writing project with two friends.  One of us started off a scene.  Then we pass it on to the next writer.  The next writer then picks up where the other person left off.  Then they pass it on to the next person and so on.  We did not discuss anything beforehand.  No one knows what the other person is thinking or what they are going to write.  We give each other a week to finish their portion.

At first we tried Google Docs and just passing an .fdx file (final draft file) around.  That did not work very well.

One of my friends,  signed up for and sent us a link to join.  I have to say it is awesome!

It is free online and they are coming out with a paid desktop version.  I originally heard about it on ScriptNotes Podcast but never tried it.

I am not a professional screenwriter or even that experienced.  I have only worked in Movie Magic, Celtx, and started dabbling in Fountain.  But it supports all of those and Final Draft as well.

This is their introduction video:

This is what I like about it:

  • Works well as a screen writing program.  Meaning all the shortcuts and functionality behave as I expect them to.
  • It is online and I can access it anywhere
  • It’s free.  It’s tough to beat free.
  • The collaboration tools are excellent.  In terms of passing the script on to the next writer.  We have not tried writing at the same exact time yet.

If you’re like me and like all your stuff available anywhere (I’m a Google Drive/Docs and WordPress fan) then this might be the screenwriting program for you.

Also, it’s great for my solo project too.  Check it out at it’s Free.

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