How to Win The Voice

This is off-topic but maybe not that far off.  Perhaps, we can take the lessons here and apply them to our films.

I am a big fan of the show The Voice.  Yes, it is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.  Go ahead and judge me, that’s on you. 😉  It’s a fun and entertaining show.

After watching all the seasons and all the episodes, this is my guide on how to win The Voice.

    1. You must have an amazing voice.  Though having a great voice does not guarantee you will win.  Many great voices have not won.   Even arguably the best voices in the world have not won.  Case in point, Sisaundra from Season 6 possibly has the best voice in the world but she did not win.  Others with great voices that did not win are:  Judith Hill (Season 4) and Trevin Hunte (Season 3)
    2. You must have great song selection every performance.  This is probably the second most important factor to winning.  You can actually go very far with great song selection and a good voice.  An example of this is Dia Frampton (Season 1).  Don’t get me wrong, I love her and she is a great singer but she is not as good as Sisaundra.  But Dia’s song choice and song arrangement are amazing.  I believe Sisaundra’s song choices did not help her connect with the general audience.  Also, if you have one bad week, it can mean you go home.  You must have a great week every week because the competition has become so fierce.
    3. Great songs that help lead to a winning season on The Voice have these qualities:  
      1. A quiet moment usually at the beginning of the song
      2. A huge moment usually at the end of the song
      3. The song was a recognizable hit at some point during the life of the song
      4. Bonus:  if you can sing the song better than the original artist you get “bonus points.”  This is actually not as hard as it sounds.  Reference Dia Frampton’s Tom Petty choices and Christina Grimmie’s covers of rap songs.  Sorry Tom, I love your music but you’re just not a traditionally great sounding voice.
      5. UPDATE:  I have been getting messages asking for recommendations on which song you should sing to win the Voice.  I think the song choice is really personal and up to you.  It would depend on your range, style, and type of music you like.  Trust your instincts and reference the above tips for my opinion on song choice.
    4. You must have flawless execution every time.  If you go flat, sharp, and/or pitchy regular audiences will hear it.  I am no expert but I can still hear when it sounds “wrong.”  You don’t have to be a professional photographer to know when a picture is blurry and out of focus.  Same goes for pitchiness in singing.
    5. Regardless of your genre, choose Blake Shelton as your coach.  He is the best and most supportive coach.  He probably has the most supportive followers and fans that will, in turn, support his team members.  He does a great job in making you look good, whether that is during your performance or having great banter with you.
    6. Share the honest truth about your personal and professional life.  The audience loves a great singer with a great story.  We will sympathize and empathize with you.  We will root for you.  But don’t be a crazy wacko.
    7. Be genuine and charming.  We want to like you, so be likeable.  Have fun and share it with us.

I think this is how you can win The Voice.  Granted, this is not easy.  It’s incredibly difficult but I think it could be helpful to artists like Sisaundra and Trevin Hunte that have the talent and skill but may be missing some of the other points.

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