Video helps your business

I recently watched a few episodes of Nova ( and saw how scientists that are changing the world were deeply influenced by the film and TV that they watched.  One scientist saw the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and it drove him to discover the chemical and portion of the brain that can erase memories.

Or I was doing some shopping online and wanted to learn more about a particular monopod.  I went to to find a video demonstration or review.  The only one I could find was in another language.  I think it was Italian.  But I watched it anyway and I was able to get the info I needed because the reviewer demonstrated the use of the monopod.

Plus, I heard that video on your website helps get more qualified visitors to your website.  Which could, of course, lead to more sales.  Here are a couple of articles on that:

How awesome is that?  Make a video.  Change the world and make some sales.  It just goes to show the power of video.

If you want to get a video done of you or your business, let us know.  We can help.  We are developing an awesome package for businesses of all sizes to get a video presence on the web, DVD, and even on TV.  Stayed tuned or contact us to get the heads up.



P.S.  Here is that video on the monopod I am thinking about getting.  BTW, if you’re asking, “what’s a monopod?”  It’s sort of like a tripod but with only one leg.  It helps stabilize a camera.


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