Orig Media – Casting Call

This web series is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello. Our adaptation will be full of action and suspense. It will be stylish and creative. SAG approved under the New Media agreement.
The goal of the web series is to push our creative limits within our limited resources of time and money.
The goal of the project will be a web series that can and will win festivals, lead to successful sales and distribution, and serve as a launching pad to the next level of bigger and better things.

Auditions will be held in September at our studio. Please contact us to schedule your appointment.

Please prepare any dramatic reading, 1-3 minutes in length for your audition. We will also ask you for a cold read at your audition.
We are looking for actors that are collaborators. This is an unpaid gig however you will have credits on our web series.
We are looking for strong dramatic improvisors.
We are looking for people with a good and professional attitude, high level of craft, that are looking to make the leap to the next level.
We want to provide a safe, honest environment for our actors and crew to do their best, to be listened to, to learn, and to grow. Ultimately, we want to create the best web series possible. And we know that we have the technical and creative capability from the web series side. We are a professional crew with an experienced director, Jeff.
The tentative shooting schedule will be in November or December of 2014.
Check out our work at www.OrigMedia.comIf you would like to work with us on this web series, email Orig Media at team@origmedia.com¬†with the subject “Othello – Audition” to schedule your audition. If you have any reels or a CV, please submit this with your application.

Currently casting:

Othello — Strong but sensitive. Filipino American man age 30-40. Smart and entrepreneurial. Athletic and handsome.
Cassio — A good right hand man. Athletic and handsome. Caucasian. Age 25-40.
Brabantio – A violent father in his 50′-60’s. Caucasian.
Roderigo – A nebbish fellow. 25-40.
Iago — A conniving master of deception . Caucasian. 25-50.
Lodovico – Business executive. 30-55.
Desdemona – Lovely daughter. Beautiful girl next door. Caucasian. 20-35.
Emelia – Plain looking receptionist with hints of jealousy 25-50.

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