How to Have a Great Wedding

This is part of a series of ongoing tips on how to have a great wedding and great wedding video and photography in Hawaii.

We have filmed and photographed a lot of weddings so we have a unique perspective on different weddings.  We had the honor of working on large weddings and small weddings.  We’ve been traveled all over Hawaii and the mainland to film weddings.  Even the governor and TV News crews have been at our weddings.

The one thing that made any wedding, large or small, a success was a good wedding coordinator.

I know you might want to save money but a good wedding coordinator will be worth their fee in savings that they can negotiate with vendors.  Plus, they stake their reputation on working with various vendors as they are a reflection on them.  Good coordinators only work with good vendors.

Another reason to get a good wedding coordinator is that they remove a lot of the wedding stress on the couple.  The only weddings where I have seen the bride freak out and cry is when she was trying to do everything herself.

If you really can’t afford to hire a professional, at the very least get someone that is a friend or relative to help you coordinate.  Make sure they that they are not your closest friend or relative because you will want your close friends and relatives to enjoy the day with you.  It is a lot of work.  Maybe have someone that you may not have otherwise invited work this role.  Plus, don’t forget to thank them and give them a gift for helping make your day special.

Unplanned things will happen during your special day.  That’s just how life is.  A good wedding coordinator will be that buffer between you and those things.

When you enjoy the day it shows up in your photos and video.  That makes everyone happy.

If you want a recommendation on a couple of awesome coordinators, please let us know and we can give you some of our favorites.  Have a great day and congratulations!

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