How to Have a Great Wedding

This is part of a series of ongoing tips on how to have a great wedding and great wedding video and photography in Hawaii.

As I mentioned, we have had the privilege of filming many weddings.  One thing that you should always have a backup plan for is the weather.  While it is almost always beautiful and sunny here, it does rain.  We have a saying though, “no rain, no rainbows.”  Plus, it is considered a blessing to have rain on your wedding day in Hawaii.

The weddings where it did rain and there was a good back up plan, the wedding continued on and everyone had a great time.  The one or two weddings that it rained with no back up plan were not fun for anyone involved.  Everyone got through it and it worked out in the end.  But do you want to have a wedding where everyone got through it?  Probably not.

Some tips to prepare for weather:

  • Have some sort of shelter or tent to protect from the weather.  Keeping yourself, your guests, your seats, and tables dry and comfortable is important to a pleasant experience.
  • Have some back up shoes in case it gets muddy.
  • Have a good mindset.  Life is full of surprises and it is what you make of it.  You can create some great memories in the rain.  Plus, it is a blessing.  Also, you are with your family and friends and that is what really matters.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help in any way.  Congratulations!


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