How I made a breakthrough with my script this week

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Last week my Outcome: make major progress on creating the best possible script for my feature film.

I did it, but not in a way that I expected. I expected that I would write a lot of scenes and have a completed script.

Instead, I overcame what was a large stumbling block for me.  I came up with a really great opening scene to the movie.

That stumbling block was stopping the whole movie.  The breakthrough came when I did a timed writing where you just write for a specified period of time with no judgement on what you are writing.  The only rule is to keep the pen moving.

Also, it came while I was riding and writing on the bus.  Maybe next week, I need to take the bus more too.

This week’s commitment:

  • Outcome: Make major progress on writing and finishing my feature screenplay.
  • Purpose: To fulfill my life’s purpose and calling.
  • Actions: Do at least 1 fifteen minute timed writing every day.

What is your Outcome, Purpose, and Action for next week?