Destination Wedding Tips in Hawaii

Wedding Wednesday’s: Tips for Awesome Weddings

If you are thinking about doing a destination wedding here in Hawaii, here are some tips we would like to share:

  • Get a local wedding coordinator.  A good coordinator will recommend great vendors in order to make themselves look good.  Plus, they can usually get a discount that adds up to their fee or more.
  • Use Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts to meet your vendors.
  • Try to have everything all at one location.  Venues here in Hawaii can usually accommodate the  Ceremony, Pictures, and Reception.  On the mainland and in other places, it is customary to shoot photos at many different locations necessitating a drive to different locations.  That is not necessary here.  It is easier to just walk to different areas of the venue and shoot there.
  • Stay at a hotel or resort that is in walking distance from your Ceremony and Reception.  This will make it easier on you and you won’t waste time sitting in a car.  You won’t have to incur the additional expense of renting a car or limo.  Plus, if you want or need something in your room it’s not too far away.
  • Plan for rain and wind.  While the weather here is perfect almost always, it does rain and get windy.  Make sure your hair, make up, table settings, dinner area, guests, etc. are protected from wind and rain.  If you are planning any outdoor events, have a tent as part of your budget and plan.  By the way, rain is blessing on your wedding day in Hawaii.  Plus, it can make for some awesome photo and videos.

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