Another Producer Wanted

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We are a small but growing production company with a big vision for the future.

Please, no phone calls at this time.

We are looking for another Producer.

Let us know your experience and why you might be uniquely qualified for the position.

If you are just starting out with a little bit of experience and a lot of discipline, this might be a good match.  Ideally, your goal in life is to become the world’s greatest producer.  Perhaps the next Richard Zanuck.

We are looking for people that might have the following qualities:

1. Access to a large network of people: businesses, church, friends, etc.
2. Great at building and maintaining relationships
3. Good business sense
4. Great with teams and working with people
5. Friendly person full of Aloha

The compensation will be determined based on experience and what makes sense.
Thanks for looking and we wish you the best.