Island Fusion Catering – Food Photography

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We had the distinct pleasure of working with Island Fusion Catering and photograph their work at an actual wedding.  They brought me in just to capture what they do.  My compliments to the chefs/owners and their crew.  They do an amazing job and cook the food on site at the events.  The photos are of the actual food that was served with very minimal styling.  That means I did not put “food makeup” on the dishes.  (Some photographers resort to using things like oil, powder, and other things to enhance the look of the food in the photograph.)

We’re excited to also be working on a promotional video for them too.  It is coming soon, but will highlight what makes them special:  incredible menus, local ingredients, bought fresh, prepared on site, and great service.  Stay tuned for that.  To check them out, visit

 BTW, those are hot, fresh Malasadas prepared on site for a wedding!

I’m getting hungry thinking about it again.

Lots of love to you!