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We are having a blast following our calling in film and television production.  I thought I would update you on the things that are happening in our neck of the woods.  We recently got a few more toys pieces of equipment.  We now have a cool all-terrain, waterproof/underwater HD camera that can do some really cool things like timelapse or give me an excuse to take the board out and shoot some footage.

Here is some test footage:

Not the greatest timelapse ever, but I wanted to test out this built-in feature.  Time lapse if achievable with our other cameras, but this is so easy to use that it’s nice to just set it and forget it.

We also got another toy High Definition camera that its cult=like followers users say has better quality than anything out there.  I don’t agree, but I do believe it is pretty darn good!  Not my favorite camera in my arsenal, but I am very fond of it.  Maybe it is my second or third favorite.  We got to use in on a recent shoot.  The highlight video for that is here:

Some sample footage of the camera is here.  Please note this was just a quick little test and it is totally handheld, so it is a bit shaky.  But what I love about it is its flexibility with lens choice.  Also notice the shallow depth of field but sharpness in the hair (you may have to pause in order to see what I’m talking about).

Also, we are working on a new commercial for a super-cool client in Waikiki and Maui.  This was an awesome shoot.  We got to use the crane, the mini-dolly, and a new tripod head.  (Sorry, the film geeks will know what I’m talking about.)  What a fun group and a cool store!  Once we finalize the edit, we will be sure to share that with you.  And I’ll give you the details on getting some cool vintage t-shirts!

We’re in the middle of our edits on a few projects:  the tv shows, the project with Oil in the Alley, and other fun stuff.

Please let us know how we can help you.  We love what we do and have capacity to take on additional projects at this time.

Thanks and take care,

-Jeff Orig