• We require a 50% deposit to book us and 50% two weeks prior to the event.
  • Need a special arrangement, let us know.  We can work something out.
  • It depends on the package but we believe in giving the most bang for the buck.
  • In full day packages, you get the highlight video, the full ceremony edited together, the full reception minus when things are not happening like eating.
  • We do have to stay focused on producing a great product and we would hate to leave premises to get food and miss important events on your special day.
  • In an all day affair, we appreciate a meal.
  • A fed crew is a happy crew.  A happy crew makes a great product.
  • There are only a few things you will have after the wedding:  your dress, the photos, and the video.  Everything else will fade as a memory.
  • Of course, you will have your friends and family taking pictures and video.  But they don’t have the skill, knowledge, and years of experience we do.
  • We pride ourselves in being fast, professional, and creative.
  • Plus, we provide a crazy good value.
  • In addition, we have a huge amount of experience that helps your project and in turn, your projects help us with our other clients.  We strive to keep improving every day.  That is not lip service.  I (Jeff Orig) keep up with industry blogs, take classes, read books, and teach classes in order to hone my craft.  We only bring in the most talented and passionate people that are great to work with.
  • We deliver the final product quickly.  Among the fastest in the nation!  I only know of one company as fast as us.  We know you’re excited to see the final product so we work hard to get it to you as quickly as possible.
  • We are a team of professionals working all day in an organized way so that your project gets the attention it deserves and never falls through the cracks.  We have a proprietary system that helps insure this quality.


  • We charge $300.00 per hour.
  • Please understand that we have to pay our team, not just the videographers but the video editors who will be reviewing and editing the extra footage.
  • All our videographers have professional training and understand the filming method of Orig Media.
  • Bottom line: You are in good hands 🙂
  • Yes!  We have lapel mics for the officiant and the groom.  We will set you up beforehand.
  • If you would like an extra USB, we can make them for you for $40.
  • If you would like a DVD specifically made, we can make them for you for $100.
  • Yes!  We always bring extras just in case.  You can never be too prepared.
  • We take each session seriously and approach it with a prepared plan.  Even though we have been to the location for a past shoot, we know that each event is unique in regards to set up.  We will scope the site usually several days beforehand. If you or your wedding planner have prepared a layout of the wedding, we ask that we have a copy as well to help our team fully understand your design as well as secure the best shots during the wedding.

We hold on to the raw footage for 3 months.  If you are interested in purchasing the raw footage, we can store the raw footage of your wedding, complete with sound and uncut footage, onto a hard drive.  Our price for the raw footage is $500.00.

We believe that this is a fair price for so many reasons:

  1. With that much footage it takes about 1-2 hours to transfer the footage onto a hard drive.This ties up one editing station, preventing it from editing other projects.  While it can be done overnight , that is when we do most of our rendering which also takes several hours.

  2. As you know the footage is important and has inherent value.  They are documentation of a very important day in your life and in your family’s life.

  3. By giving you the raw footage, we are releasing all future work to someone else.  Once we give you the raw footage, it cuts off most opportunities in the future for us to work on the project again.

  4. We have inherent value as well.  We are highly skilled at what we do and do not simply hit record.  We all have had formal training in film school, plus have invested thousands of dollars in equipment.  Most of all, we have invested hundreds of hours honing our craft.  We are award winning in what we do.  We believe we do a great job, which is confirmed by the external awards and all of our happy clients.  Not to belabor the point, but our skill is valuable.

Money Issues

We understand that you want your wedding videos as soon as possible, so our team works hard to have it completed within 1-2 months.  This time frame also depends on you, the customer, in regards to making sure you have:

  • Submitted your music selections

  • Provided us with the correct mailing address

  • Made all payments with us.

We will hold on to your order until we receive the final payment.

For our film packages, we ask our clients to make a first payment of 50% of the total invoice upon booking.  This secures your wedding date in our schedule and makes you a priority among the other tentative clients we have gunning for that same date.  We then ask the client to submit the rest of the payment 14 days prior to the event.

One of the greatest things about Orig Media is that we are flexible.  We understand that you have a gazillion other things to worry about and know you have other deadlines to keep.  We are always willing to negotiate a payment schedule with our clients.  In the past we have accepted full payments upon booking while with another we split up the payments into other increments.

Just remember that your order will not be delivered until we have receive all payments.

  • Deposits are non-refundable.  If for some reason the event is canceled, we are open to rescheduling with you.
  • We guarantee that we will show up at the event and film your big day.  We guarantee that we will put our best and all of our expertise into your final product.  We cannot guarantee that you will like the final product, however we have received the 2013 TheKnot Best of Wedding award for #1 in our category and as long as we have been in business we have yet to receive a complaint about any of our final products. Hopefully you have seen our work and like what we do.  And that’s how we make our movies.  We will do everything in our power to make your film our next greatest achievement.