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Salvation Army Gala 2016


  • Jeff Orig

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women in need

Women In Need 2016

For Women In Need’s 20th anniversary, Orig Media filmed their annual video which launched their “500 Gifts of Hope”. The campaign hopes to build Women In Need’s sustainability as a non-profit organization and continuance of their programs for the community.

Women in Need has helped women in Hawaii who have been through homelessness, unemployment, violence, substance abuse and incarceration with programs, grants, education, shelter and support.

For more information on their organization and their “500 Gifts of Hope” please sign up or visit their website:

The Salvation Army: Giving Hope and A Second Chance

More than 7600 people are homeless in Hawaii. The Salvation Army aims to stem poverty at its core and gives hope to people like Crystal and Daniel who needed a second chance from their substance abuse disorders. Here is the inspiring video we shot and edited for the Salvation Army. 

Women In Need 2015

Here is the latest video we did for Women in Need this year. Women in Need is a unique nonprofit organization that empowers individuals who have been through domestic violence, homelessness, substance abuse and incarceration. For more information on the great work they do, please visit their website:

Win for WIN

Women in Need is a great organization that we help support.  Check them out when you get a chance.

We had a great time at their fundraiser.  Be sure to go to the next one.  Play BlackJack, Craps, and Roulette.  You can also win prizes and other goodies.


Hawaii Home Ownership Center 2013

YMCA – Atherton College Camp 2013

Women in Need Video Coming Soon

Today we met with Sharon Gutierrez of Women in Need and we are going to make a great    video for them.  We are excited to help out such a great organization.

Check them out at

Please see if you can help them out.


Hawaii Home Ownership Center

This is a mini-documentary that we did for the Hawaii Home Ownership Center.  This was to help with their fundraising efforts.  Please support this wonderful organization.

Visit to learn more about them.

YMCA – Atherton College Camp

Here is a great video that we did for the Atherton YMCA’s College Camp.  It showcases this wonderful program that gives high school sophomores a chance to experience college life first hand.