Real Estate Property Tour for Better Homes


Orig Media has been working on a series of high end realty video tours of houses on the market for Better Homes and Garden Advantage Realty. See our professional real estate video tour of our latest property on Mauna Place including aerial shots, day and night time lapses and

For more information on their properties you can check out their website:

The Salvation Army: Giving Hope and A Second Chance

More than 7600 people are homeless in Hawaii. The Salvation Army aims to stem poverty at its core and gives hope to people like Crystal and Daniel who needed a second chance from their substance abuse disorders. Here is the inspiring video we shot and edited for the Salvation Army. 

Hawaii Home Ownership Center

We worked with the Hawaii Home Ownership Center (HHOC) to create a short video sharing the experiences of some of their clients. HHOC has helped many people with home ownership issues including Michelle who was in the process of losing her home due to mortgage paperwork; Randall who needed assistance in learning how to purchase the right home; and Hang and Richard who decided to learn the process of buying a home rather than rent.

You can find our more information on HHOC’s great services by visiting their website:


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How to Get More Ideal Clients

Wouldn’t your business be better if you could have more ideal clients?

One key to achieving any goal is to gain clarity.  The clearer the goal, the easier it is to achieve since you are not shooting in the dark.   Read more

Orig Media Marketing Services

Orig Media Marketing Service Commercial

Check out our commercial on how we can help your business marketing with our available services!

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Screen Shot of Infographic by Anna Vital

Infographic – Most Billionaires Had Many Ventures

Here is a cool infographic from created by Anna Vital.  She looked at the world’s billionaires.  Most are self-made and most of those created many ventures to build their net worth whereas only about 14% focused on one venture their whole lives.

There must be a balance of pursuing one idea to a stage of some sort of completion and creating a new venture.  Regardless, the infographic is very cool.  Check out her website for other cool infographics.


From image by Anna Vital

From image by Anna Vital

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7 Things You Must Know About Your Business and Market

  1. Describe your target audience:   Age, sex, income, marital status, type of music they listen to, movies they see, magazines they read, TV shows they watch, region of country, etc.
  2. What business are you in? What business are you really in?
  3. What are the features of your product or service?
  4. What are the benefits of your product or service? How does your product or service help people?
  5. Why do your customers love your product or service? Or what about your product or service are your customers passionate about?
  6. What is your unique selling proposition?
  7. What is your irresistible offer?


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Paypal Working Capital – Simple Interest Loans for Business

I was recently sent an email from Paypal about Working Capital Loans that they are now offering to select merchants.

Here is the tour with a quick video explanation on how it works:

It is not available to everyone but the terms sound pretty awesome:

  1. Pay when you get paid
  2. Get funding in minutes
  3. Pay one affordable, fixed fee
  4. No credit check

There are no late fees.  You just choose a percentage of sales that they take as repayment.  Plus, you know upfront how much the total fee is going to be.  In addition, since they already have your merchant account history, the application process only takes a few minutes.

As with any debt instrument, it is a tool.  You must know how to use that tool properly in order to help you and not hurt you.  We will occasionally use short term, interest-free loans from credit card companies to finance things in our business.  These come in the form of a paper check with special instructions and terms on how the interest-free loan works.  With these, the catch is that if you don’t pay back the loan in the time they set, all of the interest was accumulating that whole time and you are responsible to pay it back.  If you pay it before the set amount of time, you don’t pay any interest.  It takes planning to make it work, but it can be worth it.

Here are some screen shots of the tour:

Paypal Working Capital Tour - How it Works

Paypal Working Capital Tour – How it Works

Paypal Working Capital Tour - Sample Pricing

Paypal Working Capital Tour – Sample Pricing

Paypal Working Capital Tour - Compared to Other Loan Types

Paypal Working Capital Tour – Compared to Other Loan Types

I liked this article and thought I would share it.  It’s a nice list to help keep yourself and your team accountable.  Depending on what side of the Entrepreneur/Technician/Manager “scale” (from E-Myth)  you find yourself there is something that you connect with or other items that you don’t realize other people need.  For example, Entrepreneurs may not realize that Technicians and Managers need very clear expectations of what is expected.  For many with the Entrepreneurial mindset, you just want to get going and assume everyone is on the same page.  Very often that is not the case, even when your team is very supportive.  Check out the article and let me know what you think.