What: This class is specifically to teach basic video shooting and editing for the iPhone and iPad. Those tools are what I have and it has iMovie which is the most robust and user-friendly editing software for a mobile device. Though, the principles should be applicable for any tool.

Where: The class will be livestreamed online. This way you can ask questions but also see how we set it up.

Who: We will be doing a case study with Luke and Lauren of the Wedding Cafe. It should be fun and informative! Great example for other business owners. But also great for anyone to improve their video.

Why: Because so many people keep asking

-Tues., March 14 (12pm HST)
The first class will cover script writing, planning, and making sure you share the right message.
-Thurs., March 16 (12pm HST)
The second class will cover shooting, lighting, and equipment.
-Tues., March 21 (12pm HST)
The third class will cover editing and posting the video online.

how to shoot their own professional quality videos with their iPhone.

In this iPhone video class, we will cover:
Equipment to use and much more
If you have ever needed to share your message but couldn’t use my services for some reason, now is the time to sign up for this class.

Maybe you have a new product to show off or want to announce something to your clients.

Maybe you simply just want to shoot better videos of your family.

This is the class for you.

I am still planning the class so send in your requests, questions, suggestions, etc.

Thanks so much and have an awesome day!