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How to Look Great in Your Wedding Photos and Videos

Wedding Wednesday’s: Tips for Awesome Weddings

These tips apply to most photos.  Here are some general tips on posing for photos that will help you look great during the shoot.

For women:

  • S-Shapes and Angles in your body are good.  Try to bend your arms and have a natural arch in your back.  Also bend the front leg at the knee.  Think about the opposite.  If you were standing with your arms straight down standing at attention, it is not as flattering.
  • Enjoy yourself and be natural.  Be happy.  Smile.  It’s a great occasion, enjoy it.
  • Have fun
  • Go ahead and make some moves and play with us.  Don’t feel like you have to take constant direction from the photographer or videographer.  If you feel like playing model for an hour, do it.  It can be fun.
  • Practice in the mirror.  It’s ok, you have permission.
  • Try pushing your chin a little forward and down in order to give you more definition in your face.

For Men:

  • Stand tall and be strong.  Masculinity photographs well.
  • Be confident.  You look great.  If you feel great, it will show.
  • Enjoy yourself and be natural.  Be happy.  Smile.  It’s a great occasion, enjoy it.
  • Have fun
  • Go ahead and make some moves and play with us.  Don’t feel like you have to take constant direction from the photographer or videographer.  If you feel like playing model for an hour, do it.  It can be fun.

Listen to the photographer and videographer but remember it is a give and take.


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Screen Shot from one of our wedding videos

Destination Wedding Tips in Hawaii

Wedding Wednesday’s: Tips for Awesome Weddings

If you are thinking about doing a destination wedding here in Hawaii, here are some tips we would like to share: Read more

Katalyn and Janek Highlight

We had the pleasure of capturing Katalyn and Janek on their wedding day.  We did both their photos and video.  Check out their epic highlight film.  Stay tuned to the end.  Hopefully it is a great keepsake that they can share with their friends and family in Estonia.

The Story of My Grandma’s Wedding

Wedding Wednesday’s:  Tips for Awesome Weddings

My Grandma Lourdes was an interesting lady.  She was kind and gentle.  She was extremely elegant.  Every day she would put on makeup and dress nicely.   Read more

Add Bacon to Your Wedding

Wedding Wednesday Tip

We have gone to and been a part of many weddings.  All of them have been wonderful.  I was just thinking about what makes for a great wedding.  From our perspective, I think adding your personality in the details makes a wedding really stand out.

One example that sticks out in my mind is my friends’ wedding where they had breakfast food as part of the buffet.   Read more

Turtle House Sunset by Orig Media

3 Wedding Regrets You Don’t Want to Have

Getting married is one of the most important days of your life.  Avoid these three regrets to make it even greater:

  1. Enjoy the whole process as much as you can.  This includes the planning and the day of the wedding.
  2. Hire professionals.  Professionals coordinators and vendors will help save you time and stress since you know it will get done right.  Having your friend or relative help is ok but they may not have the experience to deliver properly.
  3. Record the whole day on video.  The day will fly by so fast.  You won’t be able to remember everything.  A video will be one of the few things you can take have from that day.  All the food, flowers, venue, etc. will fade away as a memory.  Only the rings, photos, videos, and dress will remain as memories and symbols of that special day.  They will be the treasures from that day.

Let us know if we can help you preserve any of these memories.



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Drew & Zachary

12 Tips for Writing Your Own Vows

Writing your own vows can be an amazing way to show your love for your fiance. At the same time, it can be intimidating and scary. If you feel that way, you might consider writing your own vows. Or even just part of them.  Here are some tips based on what our teachers and mentors have taught us and combined with seeing some great vows in person.

  1. Speak from your heart.
    1. This is the most important writing tip.  It applies to all of your writing.  It requires you to be brave and say exactly what you feel in your heart.  The biggest block to this is fear.  Fear of looking silly.  Fear that what you have to say is trivial.  Fear of the unknown.
  2. Don’t be afraid.
    1. You are surrounded by all of your friends and family that love and support you.  They are there for you in your good times and bad times.  Rest assured that everyone is rooting for you.
  3. Think about all the things you love about your fiance.
    1. Say all the big things you love about them.  Say all the little things you love about them.  Your fiance will feel awesome to hear you say it even if they know it.  The more specific you are, the closer it is to your heart.  This is the kind of thing that people connect to.
  4. Remember the meaning of the word “vow”
    1. A vow is a solemn promise.  In your vows, state the solemn promises you make to your fiance.
  5. It’s ok to be emotional.
    1. Of all the days in your life, this is one day where you might get a little emotional.  It is an amazing time in your life.  Whatever you feel is the right feeling.  Don’t worry about your emotions showing.  Your fiance,  friends, and family will love your for it.
  6. It’s ok if you’re not emotional.
    1. Whatever you feel is the right feeling.  Don’t have any expectations of how you should feel.  It’s all good.  Everyone is different.  Some brides are cool and calm.  Some are excited.  Some grooms want to make sure everything goes perfectly.
  7. It’s ok to read your vows.
    1. Write out your vows.  Practice a few times.  And it is ok to write them out and read them.
  8. Practice your vows but don’t feel the need to memorize.
    1. It’s a good idea to practice reading your vows.  This way it will come off your tongue naturally.  If you try to memorize them, you might forget a line.
  9. Consider reading your vows out loud to your bridal party, close friends, and/or family.
    1. They might be able to give you insight as to how it sounds.  And if you’re lucky they might add in a joke or two.
  10. Let your personality shine through.
    1. Write in your own voice.  Don’t feel like you need to make it formal or fancy.  Some of the best writers in the world, write in plain and simple sentences.
  11. Consider printing or taping your vows to a nice piece of colored paper that matches your theme.
    1. While it is ok to have your vows on a folded piece of paper that was in your pocket.  It will add to the look and feel of your wedding if your vows are presented by your officiant to you on nice paper stock.
  12. Don’t copy other vows online.
    1. Or only copy a little bit.

Writing your own vows can be a great thing.  You will be happy that you did it.  Plus, they help to make great wedding videos!

Here’s an example of some vows we filmed:


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Gina and Do’s Wedding Highlight Film

Congratulations to Gina and Do!  We are so happy for them!  There was a great sense of love they had for their family and friends, and of course for each other.  So much fun and laughter!  This was filmed and the illustrious Kahala Hotel and Resort.  Be sure to watch *all* the way to the end for a little more fun!


Special thanks to all the wonderful people that helped celebrate Gina and Do’s wedding:

Fred and Kate Events – Reception Coordinators

The Staff of Kahala Hotel and Resorts

Tahiti Rey – musician

Dynamic Sounds – DJ and MC

Janice Pearson – Officiant

Camera Operators – Justin Iyoki, Chris Balidio, Anthea Lewis, Larissa DLG. Nielsen

Video Editor – Larissa DLG. Nielsen, Noah Felipe


We also filmed Gina and Do’s Love Story!  Watch it below!

Gina and Do’s Love Story

My 8th Anniversary


Today is our 8th anniversary.  We had a mini-celebration this morning by visiting one of our favorite beaches for sunrise.  We were supposed to get married at sunrise at Lanikai beach but it was during the time of the 50 Years rain where it rained continuously for about 40 days.

This is what it should have looked like.

Oh well, it all worked out in the end.  Just a tip for our wedding clients, plan for a weather change.

This footage was shot on our brand new toy aerial cinematography device.

Have an awesome day!