St. Theresa Honolulu Hawaii Wedding Camera and Light Test

We’ve been asked to do a wedding at St. Theresa’s Church here in Honolulu.  The couple wanted to make sure that the church would film well and so did we.  We have never been there before and wanted to know if our cameras could handle the lighting.  I was confident they would, but I don’t want to make promises that I can’t keep.  So we arranged with the awesome staff at St. Theresa to shoot a quick test.

I did not want to keep the staff waiting too long, plus I wanted to simulate the fast pace setups of an actual wedding.  It was very quick and dirty, but we are happy with the way the cameras handled.

Military Homecoming in Hawaii

This is a military homecoming video we did for our friends.  It is a touching moment to come back home.  We appreciate and thank all the men, women, and families that serve to protect our country.  It is our honor to help them in any way we can.


Timelapse of Sunset at Ala Moana Beach Park

We shot this beautiful sunset at  Ala  Moana Beach Park last Saturday.  Need we say more?

Baby Video


This is a little experiment we are trying.  We filmed our friend’s baby and made a little video as well as did some stills.  It is very interesting to film a 2 week year old.  They are super tiny and it’s interesting to see their size matched up against other things.  If you would like to book an inexpensive video and photo session with your baby, let us know.  We are still testing and the rate is very discounted right now.

Kim and Kalei – Highlight Film

Kim and Kalei got married on a beautiful day at the Hale Koa in Waikiki.  We are continually blessed with great couples, great families, and great weather.  Kim and Kalei wrote their own vows and it was quite touching.

We hope they enjoy the film as much as we enjoyed working with them.

If you missed their Same Day Edit or Slide Show you can see them here:

Take care,


Upside-Down Dance is Coming Soon

We did the photos and the poster.

Upside-Down Dance is back in action!    Our show will run November 17th @ 8pm, 18th @8pm, 19th @ 2pm and 8pm, 20th @ 2pm and 7:30pm, 23rd @ 8pm, 25th @ 8pm, 26th @ 2pm and 8pm, and 27th @ 2pm and 7:30pm at the ARTS at Marks Garage.  The show will highlight Honolulu’s most amazing dancers- Malia Yamamoto, Nicole Young, and Adealani Gerkewicz  (all Upside-Down Pilates teachers) along with Shannon Yamamoto and Marisol Garcia.  These five ladies are going to simply rock the house down.  Formatted in a nontraditional performance setting get ready to be up close and personal with some amazing dancers!

Who: Upside-Down Dance
What: An evening of Contemporary Modern Dance
When: November 17th @ 8pm, 18th @8pm, 19th @ 2pm and 8pm, 20th @ 2pm and 7:30pm, 23rd @ 8pm, 25th @ 8pm, 26th @ 2pm and 8pm, and 27th @ 2pm and 7:30pm
Where: The ARTS at Marks Garage 1159 Nuuanu Ave Honolulu HI 96817
How much: Online Pre sale- $20-$25, At the door beginning 30 minutes before show $25-$30.
Tickets Available now at:


Incredible Athlete

Check out this photo I shot of my friend Tony.  He is an incredible athlete and is capable of some really cool moves.

Outrigger Canoe Club Wedding Highlight Film for Ty and Greg

Again, an awesome couple and an incredible sunset.


Robby and Sharon Highlight Film – Honolulu Waikiki Aquarium Wedding

Lovely day and lovely couple. We had a ton of fun shooting this wedding. What an incredible sunset.

This is the Same Day Edit of Robby and Sharon as they left the LDS Temple in Laie.  We are not allowed to film inside the LDS Temple, but we made due.

Sorry for the short post, I will update with more details shortly.  We have to prep for a big day of shooting three different things tomorrow.  A wedding in the morning, a commercial in the afternoon, then a Military homecoming in the late afternoon.

What a great month and a great people to work with.

Thank you, Max (my son)!  And all of you that support us.  We love and appreciate you.

Michelle and Scott, Lanikuhonua Wedding – Ko Olina, Oahu, HI

(Please note, the video is pretty high quality and you may need to press play, then press pause to let it load up first.  Then it should play smoother.  I hope that makes sense.)

What a great couple and a great day at Lanikuhonua in Ko Olina.

Michelle, Scott, and their families were wonderful.

This is a highlight film for Michelle and Scott.  They were blessed with a visit from a turtle and an incredible sunset.  We went all out for this wedding with the crane and the Steadicam.  Plus we had so much fun shooting that day.  We have so much awesome footage, that it is tough to decide what to put on the highlight film.  And it was great working with such awesome vendors like Photography by Joseph Esser and Wedding Coordination by Cherished in Hawaii.

We hope you enjoy the film.