Malibu Shirts – 30 Second Commercial

We are fortunate to work with great clients.  This is a super cool company selling really great gear.  It is great vintage gear.  Check them out in Waikiki and Maui.

Island Fusion Catering – Food Photography

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We had the distinct pleasure of working with Island Fusion Catering and photograph their work at an actual wedding.  They brought me in just to capture what they do.  My compliments to the chefs/owners and their crew.  They do an amazing job and cook the food on site at the events.  The photos are of the actual food that was served with very minimal styling.  That means I did not put “food makeup” on the dishes.  (Some photographers resort to using things like oil, powder, and other things to enhance the look of the food in the photograph.)

We’re excited to also be working on a promotional video for them too.  It is coming soon, but will highlight what makes them special:  incredible menus, local ingredients, bought fresh, prepared on site, and great service.  Stay tuned for that.  To check them out, visit

 BTW, those are hot, fresh Malasadas prepared on site for a wedding!

I’m getting hungry thinking about it again.

Lots of love to you!


Ying and Brent Highlight Film

We are blessed to work with great couples from all over the world. This was filmed at the Paradise Cove Crystal Chapel and the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Cathy and Eric’s Wedding Highlight Film

Another awesome couple at a really cool venue. We filmed Cathy and Eric’s wedding at the Pacific Aviation Museum.


Hillary and Brenton Highlight Film

This is a wedding we had the privelege to film on Maui at the Aston Mahana and Olowalu Plantation House.  It was a lot of fun.  We are super grateful to have the best clients in the world.

Diamond Engagement Ring Giveaway

Come to the Bridal Expo this weekend at the Blaisdell!

This is behind the scenes footage of the, Power 104.3, Pacific Diamond and Swiss Watch Exchange Contest.

Congratulations to the lovely couple, Kristen and Wilfredo!

Great Photographer

We recently worked with Keoni of  He is a great photographer and a lot of fun to work with.  Check out this composite he made of the day.

You can check out his blog post on the day here:



Central Pacific Bank

I was fortunate enough to work with JN Productions on a recent shoot for Central Pacific Bank.  Here are some behind the scenes stills.

Sorry, my phone’s camera is not the greatest.

Charis and Marion – Engagement Film and Same Day Edit

We are blessed to work with such great people. Thank you to everyone that helped make this possible.

Charis and Marion had a wonderful wedding yesterday. Happy New Year!

This is an engagement film with a same day edit.

Ian and Michelle – Highlights

Super cool couple.  We had a lot of fun filming this.  And decided to play with time a little based on the unique date.  We hope Ian and Michelle like it.  BTW, Michelle is an incredibly talented artist and hand crafted all of the favors, centerpieces, and the most mind-blowing 1001 cranes I have ever seen.

Filmed at Hale Koa on 11-11-11.
Crazy day and super dedicated family and friends.

Praise goes to the DJ’s for sticking with it and getting set up in time even though they were stuck in APEC traffic for 4 hours!

We did not see Obama when we were there, but apparently he was there when we were. We did see about 200 bullet proof wearing Secret Service/Soldiers/Security out in the parking lot when we left.

We were lucky and it only took us 15 min. to get in through Waikiki and security. I guess I have one of those faces.