Pauline and James Highlight Film

What an awesome couple! We are privileged to work with such great people all the time. Thanks, we hope you enjoy the highlight film.

Freida and Eby – Highlights


Haunted Garage – 30 Second Spot

The Haunted Garage is here.  Please go if you get a chance, it is for a great cause to help raise funds for the ARTS at Marks Garage

The Haunted Garage is up only this weekend, if you can’t make it please let your friends know about it.

BTW, we produced, directed, shot, and edited this commercial for them.




Mari and Grant – Highlight Film


Freida and Eby – Moana Surfrider – Iglesia Ni Cristo – Same Day Edit


This lovely wedding was at the Moana Surfrider and Iglesia ni Cristo. Freida, Eby, and their family and friends traveled all the way to Hawaii from Europe. We are honored to be a part of this special occasion.

Careers at Orig Media

Aloha All,

We are not actively looking, but we are putting feelers out there.  Basically, as the bigger gigs are coming in, we need to expand.  We want to be ready as they come in.

If you know of anyone in the film, video, or tv industry that is looking to expand their network, have them send us a message.

We set up a page here:








Mari and Grant Same Day Edit


This was the Same Day Edit for Mari and Grant’s beautiful wedding at Disney’s new Aulani Resort in KoOlina.

We were honored to be part of their beautiful day.

C&S Sales

Custom CD Holder

Custom Menus

Custom Menus

I just met with Jodi Uehara of C&S Sales.  She does custom packaging and promotional products.  If you need help with this, give her a ring.  She is super friendly and they do some cool products.

You can check out her website at:

ARTS at Marks Haunted Garage Fundraiser Commercial

This is the ARTS at Marks Haunted Garage Fundraiser Commercial.  Help us raise money for this wonderful arts organization.  Learn more at

Upside-Down Dance Commercial Version 2

We are almost there.